Thursday, March 20, 2014

Whistle Pig - You Says its Canadian eh

After years of double speak and utter nonsense Raj Bhakta finally comes clean in an interview that was to run in the summer but was release by Whisky Advocate this evening. The story was broke by Robert Simonson, and will run in the upcoming issue of Whisky Advocate here:

Whisky Advocate: A Revealing Chat With Whistlepig's Raj Bhatka

In it Bhakta admits that the source of Whistle Pig's whiskey is Alberta Distilling, which is a Beam Inc. (Soon to be Suntory) company. The same company that Dave Pickerell worked for when he spent 13 years at Makers Mark. Finding the source was probably about as easy as picking up the phone and talking to one of his former Beam co-workers and asking what they had lying around. 

So why all the years of total BS stories and deception. Simple the owners of Whistle Pig don't think much of us as consumers. It's better to lie to us than tell us the truth. And why come clean now after years of deception. Well it seems that they were losing the marketing edge especially after Raj's idiotic interview on Bloomberg.

Whistlepig Whisky CEO: Raj Bhakta

 I perceived the brand as having no integrity and if a Whisky has no perceived integrity how can you look upon its yearly releases with anything but skepticism. 

Well finally a victory for the whiskey consumer. Now if we can only get the real story behind Larceny and Forgiven.